Preparing for Halloween (allegedly)

Bob Papp is an aspiring author of low concept fantasy, usually with a touch of humor. His tales often test the character and ambitions of normal people in the face of astounding events. Believing that part of the responsibility of an author is to remind individuals and society of what they dream they can be, he hopes his writing is as heartening as it is entertaining!

In 2020, his short story “The Devil in Niyah’s Eyes” was selected as one of six adult finalists by a panel of judges from more than 250 entries submitted to the annual statewide Write Michigan contest. Also scoring third place in a popular vote, the story is now published in the Write Michigan 2020 Anthology. In “The Devil in Niyah’s Eyes”:

Kimmie’s little sister Niyah lives in another world, muttering to herself and building strange shrines of sticks and stones. When she goes missing, Kimmie must bring her back, even if it means entering Niyah’s other world to face the evil that haunts her.

In addition to his writing, Bob has worked in various roles in parks and recreation, fundraising, and nonprofit leadership. Beyond what you’ll find on this website, you may also witness Bob publicly struggling with reality on Twitter @bob_papp.

To be clear, this Bob Papp is not the retired Coast Guard Admiral, nor is he the painter, illustrator and cover artist, nor the maker of finely crafted knives. No doubt, those namesake doppelgangers would also quickly assert that they are not this Bob Papp, if they knew of his existence.

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